Events & Conferences


This means we have more in-depth knowledge of your audience and we can access more ways of connecting to them emotionally than an event organiser could. The secret to great invent is engagement.  We also have a wider range of interactive tools, a specialised design thinking methodology and more global perspective to be able drive success.

Our clients seek us out to mainly to boost impact, to give them a WOW factor and to create more immersive experiences for their audience. Their events gain more traction, more coverage, more success and better learning. We have a proven track record in creating successful events for premier brands across Europe.

We are a network of experienced experts, who as well as delivering like marines, are also fun and easy to be with.  We will work closely with your team, to develop concrete action points and deliverables to make the most out of your budget, bring out your hidden potential and  get your audience more engaged.

We have a specialised methodology, developed from 20 years experience as creative brand consultants which is really transformational. We´ll use this process with you, to build and emphasise your strengths. Over the years we´ve worked with brands such as Barcelona Football Club, The United Nations, Amazon Web Services , Kopparberg Cider, Wallpaper Magazine, Vogue, Elledecor, Driade and Pronovias. Our aim is to make the average into amazing and have fun along the way.

A strong methodology will allow you to create strong creative concepts that are seemless, you will be able to pull together the whole event by using an entire array of interactive mediums that delight and engage your attendants; digital, interactive, print, hand made installations, music, sound, lighting, furniture, adventure and role play. Having a toolbox of toys means you can deliver more thought provoking and stimulating content, that people can really have fun and get engaged with.

All good conferences should have a Ripple Effect , this is the name we give to attendants who become ambassadors, those lovely people who are not only keen advocates of your brand but who also take action on the learnings after the event has finished. How many people go to conferences and then do nothing with the information they´ve learnt or worse still, can´t even remember most of it?

Our team is agile and flexible.  Variety is the spice of life and can work together in many different ways:


Where we create and produce the entire event.


Where we can focus and develop only on a specific area of the event and work happily alongside other professionals. Typically this could be developing: the creative umbrella for the event, bringing wow factors, developing ideas theatres, animating workshop content, creating innovation zones or developing immersive activities for attendants or steering the creative direction.


How can conferences be more successful in a digital world with an increasing barrage of information and high customer expectations? How can more agile methods nourish engagement and interaction? What is your capacity for innovation? How can creative ideas underpin your content? Why are most companies running accelerator and innovation workshops? If diversity is the key to innovation how diverse are visitors experiences, perspectives, learnings at your conference?

As consultants we share specialist knowledge to accelerate engagement and foster success.  We can support as consultants on a project basis for a specific event. These are always wonderful opportunities for co creation, fruitful encounters which always create a stronger better results. Thanks to different perspectives and new learnings events gain have a newer more exciting flavour and fresh look.

Alternatively we interact with your team to give a fresh perspective, creating specific workshops to share experience, processes and insight. Teams gain a lot of energy from these workshops, as they are enjoyable and rewarding and inspire people to bring about change for the better in their own organisations.


Diversity and Cross Pollination of ideas, backgrounds, cultures and skill sets is an ideal melting pot for innovation and a critical component of what makes us happy doing what we do. Organisations are beginning to see  that sharing diverse experiences and perspectives fosters growth and excitement.

If you have ideas for Co producing an Awsome Day, Un conference, Campfire conversation, Energy Festival, Futurist Innovation Hack, Laugh-athon, then drop us a line, we may be interested in helping you catch the dream.

We Can Provide Support To Co-produce, Connect To Sponsors, Involve Partners And Bridge Gaps.