How can conferences be more successful in a digital world with an increasing barrage of information and high customer expectations? How can more agile methods nourish engagement and interaction? What is your capacity for innovation? How can creative ideas underpin your content? Why are most companies running accelerator and innovation workshops? If diversity is the key to innovation how diverse are visitors experiences, perspectives, learnings at your conference?

As consultants we share specialist knowledge to accelerate engagement and foster success.  We can support as consultants on a project basis for a specific event. These are always wonderful opportunities for co-creation, fruitful encounters which always create  stronger better results. Thanks to different perspectives and new learnings, events gain a newer more exciting flavour and fresh look.

Alternatively we interact with your team to give a fresh perspective, creating specific workshops to share experience, processes and insight. Teams gain a lot of energy from these workshops, as they are enjoyable and rewarding and also inspire people to bring about change for the better in their own organisations.

It is our mission to change good events into really great events. We work together with your teams to weave insight, experience and magic in:

Bringing Content To Life

Increasing Audience Engagement

Boosting Attendant Uptake

Stimulating Takeaways

Creating More Impact

Developing Immersive Experiences

Creating Concepts That Sew Together An Event On Multiple Sensorial Levels Of : Taste, Touch, Sound, Feel And Spatially.

Theming Areas

Creating More WOW

Driving Positive Interaction

Feeling The Fun