Why try Intuitive Branding?

So all season we´ve been having uber cool intimate one to one workshops with ladies from around the world. We´ve been on a mission to help women look within and discover their own unique strengths, to find what makes them truly special. We´ve called this technique INTUITIVE BRANDING

The results have been record breaking, the feedback is overwhelmingly, ladies seem to fast track to success, get more clarity, more focus and a deep determination. Claire will have a shot at explaining what its all about.

The starting point is to feel and leave the thinking go. We all have the ability as children to feel more and then we un-learn it as we get older. Slowly the balance tips and our acts become more and more reasoned and less expressions of the heart. We forget to feel and follow our intuition.

The workshops are like a pause, a step out of the everyday. Stop and come and sit with me for 2- 3 hours, one on one or one on two. I´ve helped people from all walks of life from different parts of the world build a picture of how they want to shape their futures, live their lives and feel at full potential. We work together with a series of techniques from visualisation to branding and healing and build up a skeletal picture of how their lives/Brand can shine. I´m only a guide in the process, to many peoples amazement the answers come from within themselves.

Later at the end when intellect kicks in, they feel relief and amazement and usually no surprise, It´s as if everything they have known deep down that they really wanted to do and become has found a new and coherent order. Floated to the surface with more clarity and more focus. It feels right and they can see a clear path to move forward feeling aligned in the head and heart. They can move forward in a more energised, optimistic and positive way with a clear visión of the future.

This is some feedback
Claire, thank you for helping me to envision, explore and build my project-in-process: Deep Vital Connection Coaching. It still seems like magic how from “sitting under a tree” images, ideas and actions kept flowing, and how you artfully helped me to create structures from this flow. AMAZING.

Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau

Health and workplace counsellor at European Investment Bank Luxembourg

Wowser I, amazed I seem to have mapped out my whole new business and Brand concept in a singe session. How is this even posible, what just happened I feel so energized?

Cheryl Holub Corns

Vet and founder of Rescue Me  US/SPAIN

I can say with confidence that she one of the most engaging individuals I have ever worked with. Claire is incredibly multi-talented and a pioneer in intuitive branding. She stretches people´s potential both personally and professionally. There is no wonder that Claire’s client list includes some of Europe’s premiere brands.”

Marian Evans

Chartered Broker & Non Exec Director UK

She has an unfailing capacity to see the potential in others and for years I´ve seen her become the catalyst for change in countless clients and colleagues. She is an extraordinary explorer of potential, both her own and those around her.

Karen Edwards

Lecturer Kingston University, Uk

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